26 Things I’ve Learned After 26 Years

I’m 26 today and I’ve posted every day since I turned 25

man sitting on a chair looking over the side of a wooden pier
man sitting on a chair looking over the side of a wooden pier
Photo by Sam Bourke

1. Writing is therapy

Creating is therapy, making is therapy, art is therapy, dancing is therapy, whatever gets you lost turning thoughts into something.

2. Bare your fucking soul

I feel it. Feel it every day. A poke in my side. A twist in my gut. Every time I try to forget it shows up.

3. Less social media, more social

I live at home with my parents and three brothers. I love it. I love seeing people I love every day.

4. Actionable advice is helpful in the short-term but dangerous in the long-term

What’s the actionable advice?

5. The quickest way to the target is straight to the target

I knew it. I knew it but I didn’t do it. Why not?

6. It’s all about confidence, baby

I sent her a message. Let’s go to dinner on Wednesday night.

7. Grab your balls boys

We used to go to the casino every second day. I’m good with numbers so I pretended I could manipulate the casino into to paying my bills. It worked for a little while.

8. I should’ve learned to fight earlier

I did karate in year 6 then stopped. I’ve been wanting to do a martial art since.

9. Expertise is a scam

You don’t need a degree to work on something you want to work on.

10. Man has two lives

And the second begins when he realises he only has one.

11. Health in four points

The healthiest cultures on Earth keep it simple. No 8-week programs. No superfoods. No meal plans. No Apple Watches.

  1. They move every day, they know movement is medicine.
  2. They sleep when they need and get enough.
  3. They love and laugh often.

12. The world needs more savagery

My little brother is getting into photography. I tell him someone who takes photos is a photographer. I tell him to tell himself he’s a photographer.

13. Don’t read yourself stupid

Reading is learning. But the author has done the thinking for you.

14. Learn how to learn

I took the Learning How to Learn course on Coursera. I should’ve taken it in high-school. Then again at university.

15. They just do things

Think of all the successful people you look up to. Now think about what they do.

16. Because is enough of a reason to do anything

I want to make videos.

17. A lot can change in a year

2016 I was working at Apple Retail. 2017 I was driving Uber. 2018 I was a machine learning engineer at a tech company in Brisbane. 2019 I make money writing code, words and making videos in my bedroom.

18. Skin in the game

A good filter for advice is to see if the person giving it has skin in the game.

19. The old you has to die

The good reason I got off social media is it means there’s less information I have to worry about.

20. Build something you want

If the thing you want in the world doesn’t exist yet and you’re waiting around for someone to build it. There’s a good chance you’re the one who should build it.

21. The crossover

I used to play RuneScape 15-hours per day. It taught me how to type and talk to others.

22. Less but better

The default is more. More money. More things. More people. More more more.

23. Loving yourself is a superpower

This one will always be here. Loving myself is always a work in progress.

23.5 Laughing at yourself is a superpower

The chicken shop is booming. Two men approach. One with blue dreadlocks and a microphone the other with purple dreadlocks and a camera. The man with blue dreadlocks speaks into the microphone.

24. Time

I’m happier with no alarms. No commutes. No schedule. No meetings.

25. Don’t save more, earn more

There’s a limit to what you can save. There’s no limit to what you can earn. This year I started to stop trading time for money and instead earn around the clock.

26. One good friend is worth 1000 loose friends

Breakfast. Two dinosaur bars, almond butter, coffee. The board says it’ll take 5-hours. We start.

27. Thank you thank you thank you

365 posts in a row. A year worth of blog posts. Number 13 ticked off.

I play at the crossroads of technology, health and art. Broadcasting from: www.mrdbourke.com

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