28 something ideas for 28 something years

My favourite books, aphorisms, questions without answers, principles for wealth, health and creating from my 27th year

Daniel Bourke


Every year I write an article about the previous year. Sometime around my birthday.

One article? About a whole year?

Yes yes I know. There’s no way of capturing all the goings on in a year in a single article. Hell, there’s no way of capturing the goings on of a single day in all the pages ever written.

But that doesn’t stop me.

So I write the article I’d like to read. Sometimes it’s learnings, sometimes challenges, sometimes aphorisms (like this one), stories and more.

With 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 done, this is the sixth time I’ve done this.

Hello late twenties.

28 x ~2 ideas for ~28 years

On my birthday last year I started a note titled “28”.

A place to jot down random thoughts throughout the year, many of which are below.

Some expanded on, some not, some similar, some different, some original, many stolen.


  • Which path will give me the best memories? Which path will give me the best stories when I’m older? (Alternative point of view: any path has great stories if your skill level of telling them is high)