Be very careful where you put your attention.

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By Brandon Day —

Attention is the most valuable commodity, because attention equals time. Time is all we will ever have.

Where we end up in life is dictated by where we spend out attention. If you hang around people who drink often, chances are, you’ll drink often too.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

This rule applies to everything. The five foods you eat the most, the five TV shows you watch, the five websites you visit the most.

It especially applies to services now controlled by algorithms. Here’s an experiment, watch a YouTube video slightly left field of what you would usually watch. What happens to your suggested videos?

When you use one of these services, your preferences are continually saved to the database, the machine learns about you. Its one task is to provide you with suggestions about what you might interested in and it’s very good at doing its job.

I said jokingly to a friend recently, Facebook and Google probably know more about us than we do each other. I’m now realising it’s probably more truth than fiction.

None of this should be considered as negative. It’s the way things are.

If we were as careful with our attention as we are with money, how would things change?

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