Betting on yourself

Would you take a bet you could never lose?

Daniel Bourke


Small dog wrestling big stick.

Yesterday I saw a dog off its leash trying to lift a stick that was three to four times its body length and as thick as its waist.

The dog tried from multiple different angles, moving its head, biting hard, biting soft, up one end of the stick down the other. All while shaking with excitement and disbelief it’d found a stick of such stature.

I walked towards its owner and smiled. His eyes watching on. I stopped and joined and we both watched. The dog kept trying and trying.

Even with the owner walking off, the dog didn’t want to leave without the stick, not without giving it all.

The other day, I got offered to apply for a lucrative job. Big money big name big opportunities, all of it.

And I’ve decided not to.

Instead, I’ve decided to dedicate the entire energy of my being to one or two or three projects for the next year or two or three four five six.

Am I wrong?

Will I regret it in 10 years?

Who knows.

All I know is that I’ve got a gut feeling and I’m following it. Call it romance, call it what you want. But I’d rather lose chasing my soul than win selling it.

But is getting a job selling your soul?

No. Of course not. I’ve had many jobs. Sometimes they’re required.

Enjoy them as much as I did, I knew deep down they weren’t for me. I knew deep down I’d start my own thing one day, answer to no one except myself and those I seek to serve. I told my girlfriend at the time I’d never work full-time anywhere except for myself. She didn’t like that. But it was true. I still haven’t.

So after tussling with myself, well, not really since I knew the answer all along, I sent word to say I’d be passing on the offer.

I knew if I signed the contract, the whole time I would’ve known, I would’ve known I was going against my essence. The same feeling you get staring someone in the face and saying something that doesn’t align with your faith.

Would’ve I done well there?