Filtering out what matters

What do you have without your health? Five questions to ask yourself everyday. The optionality of life. Using time and boredom to guide your decisions.

Take more baths in nature. Photo by the author.

10,000 things

2 questions, then 3

On the edge

“How do I start my own business?”

Would it help?

Caught in the act. The dark orange pickup without the trailer which came off and launched itself into the back of my car.

Two filters

A fisherman in Vietnam

My friend Chris and I were supposed to go to Vietnam in early 2020. Those plans tanked when COVID hit. So we imagined what we would’ve done if we got stuck there for a while, becoming fishermen seemed like a good option.

Authentic alignment

Copy your idols

I play at the crossroads of technology, health and art. Broadcasting from:

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