Hey Adele! Thanks for the kind words.

I started my own AI Masters Degree without much knowledge of the filed at all. 9-months of dedicated study and sharing my work online late, I was hired as a machine learning engineer.

However, even though I was hired I didn’t feel ready.

Even a couple of months into the role I didn’t feel ready.

It took about 3–6 months of actually being a machine learning engineer to realise I was actually a machine learning engineer.

This could be ‘fake it to make it’ or ‘imposter syndrome’ at work but I’ve tracked it to down to mostly getting in my own way. I was holding myself back the whole time.

A year or so into the role (as of this month) I feel more confident than ever.

But the whole time I was studying my own way I was questioning whether or not I’d end up capable or where it would even lead to. I had a compass but no map. As in, I knew the direction I was heading but not the destination.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to do my best to answer.

Brisbane is going places.

I play at the crossroads of technology, health and art. Broadcasting from: www.mrdbourke.com

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