Hey Brandon, thank you for the kind words my friend.

I’ll get to your questions.

  1. What do you think differentiated yourself?

I made things which answered the questions I would’ve liked to have known at the start.

Many offer the what but not the how.

Another thing: I decided to ride the tailwinds of society. Software is eating the world and machine learning is eating software.

Finally: Luck.

2. Of your streams of content creating, which drives the most to your courses?

I haven’t ever tracked this (maybe I should…).

But I’d say for affiliate links my blogs and YouTube are tied.

And for courses, Udemy’s homepage/existing students from Andrei’s courses are the main sources.

My videos/posts are helpful for more sales but not required. Good product first, marketing second.

3. How did you partner with an established Udemy instructor?

When I left my job, I wrote an article: 12 Things I Learned During My First Year as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Turns out, that article went pretty viral (luck + quality content) and Andrei (an established Udemy creator) read it and reached out to me asking if I wanted to partner for a machine learning course, since his existing students were asking for it.

I couldn’t have planned the timing here. Things just kind of fell into place.

So what I’d do if you wanted to partner with anyone, make sure you have your own body of work at there. If there’s one thing I’m terrible at its outreach.

All of the best opportunities I’ve had in the past 3–4 years have come from writing/putting things out there.

I play at the crossroads of technology, health and art. Broadcasting from: www.mrdbourke.com

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