I didn’t eat food for 5 days, here’s what happened

Notes, feelings and body measurements from my first five day fast

Photo by Alla Hetman on Unsplash

Video documentary

Rapid fire questions

Why did you do a five day fast?

How did you start the five day fast?

How much weight did you lose during the fast?

Left: my average weight on the first day of fasting. Right: My average weight on the final morning of the fast. Average due to weighing in multiple times per day (morning, afternoon, evening). Source: Apple Health app.

What did you consume during the fast?

Did you exercise during the fast?

What was the hardest part about the fast?

How did you spend time during the fast?

Left: the timer which updates percentage and hours as well as the different stages of fasting (you can tap on the emoji’s to learn more). Middle: an example of the information Zero offers when you enter different stages of fasting. Right: a more in-depth article on whether or not you can spare muscle during fasting (there are many of these deep-dive articles and videos in the app). Source: screenshots from the Zero Fasting app.

How were your concentration levels during the fast?

What did you break the fast with?

What was your sleep like?

What were your blood ketone measurements?

Left: blood ketone measurement for morning of day 4 (highest recorded). Right: blood ketone measurement for morning of day 5.

What was going to the toilet like without eating anything?

Did you ever get hungry?

What was the best part about the fast?

Would you do it again?

Journal entry

Day 1 — Monday 28th September 2020

Day 2 — Tuesday 29th September 2020

Day 3 — Wednesday 30 September

Day 4–1 October 2020

Day 5–2 October 2020

Progress Photos

Progress shots from the mornings of days 1 to 5 of the fast. We kept the tripod in the same place of the room each day and I tried to stand in the same place for the same lighting. However, due to the weather, some of the lighting is different for each photo. The main thing I notice from day 1 to day 5 is the tightening up of the abdominals (less water).
Left: shot on the first morning of the fast (74.8kg). Right: shot on the morning after breaking the fast (71.4kg). Towards the end of the fast, I noticed the veins coming out on my lower abdominals.

Resources to learn more

I play at the crossroads of technology, health and art. Broadcasting from: www.mrdbourke.com

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