In a world that has never been more connected, how are we still so disconnected from everything?

Everyone is now guilty of sporadically checking their pockets for that vibration or ding you thought you heard.

I think it’s time to stop marketing the worlds best technology with the distraction factor being the key selling point. Push notifications are great, but they do have a place. A push notification for Facebook should really read:

Tap here to spend the next 20 minutes browsing posts and forget about that great Medium response you were typing.

It’s incredible how more and more software is appearing that is literally a shell of a word processor or text document to prevent external distractions. This however doesn’t prevent the bombarding of notifications that will find their way into your head, despite your best efforts with ‘do not disturb’.

I’ve recently set a goal for myself to read 20 books throughout 2016 (you can see here: That’s up from a whopping zero last year. So far I’m more than halfway through my goal and I can totally relate to the steps you’ve taken to reduce your digital distractions.

Reading books is a form of meditation.

Once you get deep, and I mean really deep into a book it can literally take you places that TV shows and even great movies simply can’t. There’s something magical about being immersed in someone’s life work and letting your mind recreate their world from ink on a page.

How can we fix this?

I believe that software design is one of the keys to solving this distraction dilemma.

I hope in the future we design for humans and not for distraction.

The above comment is from the TED Talk by Tristan Harris – If the original post interested you, I’d suggest checking it out.

I’m currently struggling to get through the book I’m reading due to many of the distractions mentioned above. Reading this has reinvigorated my passion for permanent ‘do not disturb’ mode.

Thank you for the post.

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