Learn PyTorch in a day. Literally.

From beginner to PyTorch practitioner in one video.

Daniel Bourke
2 min readJul 26, 2022
calendar event to watch learn PyTorch in a day video broken down into five different sections
The Learn PyTorch in a day video contains five sections: fundamnetals, workflow, neural network classification, computer vision and custom datasets. All designed to build on top of each other.

My latest YouTube video is 25 hours, 36 minutes and 57 seconds long (actually a little over a day).

And its sole purpose is to be a momentum builder, to help you learn PyTorch for deep learning.

Fun fact: YouTube even puts a “1” for number of days in the timestamp.

The video

The Learn PyTorch in a day video is comprised of 162 smaller videos, or the first five chapters of the Zero to Mastery PyTorch for deep learning course:

In each section, we’ll get hands-on and learn important machine learning concepts by writing PyTorch code together, apprenticeship style.

It still amazes me to think how much the field of machine learning is progressing.

There are things in the video that weren’t possible 10 years ago.

Now they are with a few lines of PyTorch code and free tools like Google Colab (what we’ll use throughout the video).

If you’ve got a few months of Python coding experience and would like to get into the world of machine learning and become familiar with PyTorch, the video is for you.

And if you finish the video and find yourself wanting more, you can find another five chapters of PyTorch code at learnpytorch.io:

The videos (20+ more hours) for the later sections are available in the Zero to Mastery Learn PyTorch for Deep Learning course.

To read more about the full course, see the launch blog post.