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Drawn using Paper on my iPad.

The scale of most things gets ignored.

In the case of writing. A recent post of mine was just over 2400 words. A 10 minute read at an average pace. A post which took me hours to craft can be consumed within 10 minutes.

This is not just related to reading and writing but many other things.

The apps we use on our phones. Something easily taken for granted. Many of them take 100’s of hours and the cooperation of dozens of engineers to build, maybe more. All of this work for a few seconds of interaction at time.

On an even larger scale, the person we most recently disrespected. Millions of years of evolution, the precise division of cells and countless decisions all led up to that exact moment.

Of course, this scale could go on until the beginnings and ends of the universe.

Sometimes what may be considered small is really something big in disguise.

How would thinking at scale change your mind the next you consider yourself insignificant? Or the next time you feel someone hasn’t pulled their weight?

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