Survivability and Scalability

Have fun and let it become fruitful.

Daniel Bourke


An idea of the big piece of land I’d like the own in the future. Photo by Soren, drawing by author.

Been thinking about skills for the future.

And fun things to do now.

Surviving is fun. And a requirement for the future.

Scaling amplifies your efforts.

To do either well, remove all of the steps.

And go straight for the target.

Instead of planning things out, I like to put myself in an environment conducive to the changes I’d like to make.

Letting life live me and instead of me trying to live life.

Humans are good at adapting when necessary.

It’s where the saying “if you want a clean house, invite people over” comes from.

I’ve got friends coming over later.

This morning I picked up the clothes I left on the floor.

Otherwise, my visitors would see the mess I live in.

So to build skills for the future or do fun things now, start at the end.


Survival comes first.

There’s no point scaling if I can’t survive.

Health, relationships, growing my own food, making things with my hands, fighting, knowing myself, communicating, selling.

What would a day look like if I took care of all of these things?


Easy to overcomplicate.

I get up and move.

I rest when I’m tired.

I eat when I’m hungry.

If I’m getting fat, I eat a little less, move a little more.

If I’m feeling grim, I walk in the sun.


I talk to the ones I love and let them know I love them and ask them how they’re going and listen and let them speak and hear their stories and watch their faces light up when they share what they’re excited about.

Their excitement excites me.

Growing Food