The Buttons for the User Interface of Reality

Don’t be a victim of your reality. Become an author by stacking your talents, affirming yourself, sparking curiosity and keeping it simple simple simple.

xbox controller with style transfer effect applied
Photo by Kamil S ft. Style Transfer

Frame as a filter

The most important button to start authoring your reality.

Systems work better than goals

In 2012, a friend and I told ourselves we were going to learn to code, build a social media app called Appventure to show off all the adventures we were having and ride the tailwinds of society all the way to the front seat of the megayatchs we were going to buy.

Talent stacking

Face it. You’re probably not the best in the world at any one thing. And if you are, why are you reading this? Go and do your thing.


At the end of every journal entry, I write down a few things.

The mating instinct

On my morning walk I decided to go left instead of right. Why? Because I thought there’d be more girls.

For freedom

Most would trade a lot for freedom. And generally, when they think of freedom, they think of freedom of choice, being able to decide what you want to do, when you want to do it.


A child will look under rocks for sea creatures until their hands start to bleed. Even then, they often don’t stop on their own. It’s not until a parent decides it’s time to go home (or they get bored and decide to fill their brothers pants with sand).


A trick for committing something to memory: make it novel.


The saying goes “comparison is the thief of joy.”

Repetition & simplicity

Someone wiser than me told me wisdom is realising health and youth are finite. And I believed them. After I thought about it, I realised, it’s simple, those are the fundamentals.

The fake because

Take any topic, even the ones we’ve discussed. And you’ll find smart people arguing for all sides. Nutrition, politics, physics, climate change.


When I worked at Apple, I used to love dealing with the impatient customers. The ones who walked in with a head full of steam, spewing fire on anyone who came near them.


When the new mayor got elected, her first move was to fix every broken window the city.

Pattern recognition

When 22 Jump Street came out, my friends and I stole a cardboard cut out of Channing Tatum from the cinema (tacky I know, we should’ve got Jonah Hill). Cardboard Tatum lived in my robe for six months. Despite knowing this, I’d still walk in late at night and think someone was running towards me.

a cardboard cut out of Channing Tatum
a cardboard cut out of Channing Tatum
Cardboard Tatum. Try walking into a dark closet at 3am with this guy standing at the end.


Humans are so talented they can imagine the future. However, it’s this same talent which cripples them with a perpetual anxiety about how they should live their lives.


Have you ever listened to sad music and felt sad?

Changed forever

What you’ve just read will change you forever. And you might not notice it for a while but it has.

Extra reading/listening

Much of this post was inspired by the writing and words of Scott Adams as well as the musical talents of Akira the Don:

I play at the crossroads of technology, health and art. Broadcasting from:

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