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A random act of kindness from the Lush store. Thank you.

It feels good when someone says you’ve done a good job.

It feels good when someone says that new dress you’re wearing looks great.

It feels good when you discover a little more in your online shopping order than you expected, accidental or not.

It feels good when someone surprises you with a gift you weren’t expecting to receive.

You know all of these things and many others like them create happiness for others.

Don’t forget the happiness it creates for the person delivering the random act of kindness.

For me, it’s the most rewarding part. I prefer to give random acts of kindness than to receive them.

I like going out of my way to ensure the happiness of someone else. Why? Because it makes me feel good.

I know a random act of kindness will make the other person feel good but really I’m doing it for me.

The best way to be happy is to make someone else happy.

Altruism is great but so is feeling happy.

I don’t ever expect anything in return. I always leave the situation happier than I was previously. That’s more than enough.

The whole act of setting up the surprise or setting up the random act of kindness is perhaps more enjoyable than actually delivering it.

I read a book recently called by , the CEO of . The book is filled some great stories about how Zappos built their company through culture. All of them can be tied back to the title of the book. Delivering happiness.

Rather than focusing on making the most sales or most profits, all they focused on was delivering happiness and creating a great customer experience.

I want to deliver more happiness to others. Delivering happiness is a two-way street. I know if I make someone happy, I’ll be happier. It’s simple.

I went shopping at Lush the other day. I was a complete novice on all of the skin care products. A lovely girl named Anna taught me more than I could comprehend. I decided just to get one product and think about the other later. I checked the bag on the way home and found she had snuck a sample of the other product in the bag. In the bag was a small note. See cover image.

This made me happy. I’m sure it did the same for her.

I like lifting weights. I like sculpting my body in the gym. So when I see someone who has been doing the same thing, I like to tell them they’re looking good. It doesn’t cost me anything but it makes me feel great, hopefully, it does the same for them.

A colleague gave me some assistance at work the other day, nothing out of the ordinary but she is always kind with her time. The next morning, I surprised her and recognised her efforts in front of the whole team. She was shocked. She came up to me later and said that made her day. Again, it didn’t cost me anything, it made her happy but what she might not know is that it also made me happy.

I took flowers to my ex-girlfriend yesterday afternoon. She didn’t know I was coming over. Her dog passed away recently and she was feeling sad. Rest in Peace Fraser.

I decided to try and cheer her up. Seeing her smile when I arrived with the small bunch of flowers was worth more than words can describe. It made me happy. I still love her.

If you want to induce happiness in yourself, make someone else happy first. Joy can only be fully appreciated when it is shared.

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