How can we interact better with each other? By abiding one simple rule. The Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule is central to all of the main religions around the world. It is central to all communities and followings. Without the Golden Rule, none of us would be here. Dale Carnegie writes in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People that Jesus summed up the Golden Rule in one line. I agree.

I don’t think there is any better way of summing up how to interact with other people. The Golden Rule is in play at all times. There is no how, no when, no where to think about. It is constant. The how is generated by your own beliefs. If you wouldn’t want someone to punch you in the face, don’t punch someone else in the face. If you would like someone to smile at you while you were walking past them, smile at someone whilst you walk past them. It sounds simple. It is. Often times it’s the simplest things that are the most beautiful. My friend Sophie told me that. She’s really smart and very well educated in psychology. Every time I hear, read or see some new principle or theory of psychology, it always seems like common sense. For example, there have been studies that show that a girl is more likely to give you her phone number whilst outside a florist than whilst outside a bakery. The principle here being that, the environment you’re in sets up the contextual bias. Simple things like this are the most beautiful. The Golden Rule is simple, and therefore beautiful.

No matter what kind of life you live. Think about it. The next time you start to look at your phone whilst someone is actively trying to communicate with you, would you like this act to be done to you? When you feel like complaining about the wait at a cafe or restaurant that is clearly extremely busy, would this truly help? Perhaps acknowledging their efforts to maintain service in such a busy environment would be a better way to go about things. In any interaction with people, always revert to the Golden Rule by default. I could write and talk for hours about different examples of where the Golden Rule would come into play or where it has come into play, but there would be no point. Remember, the Golden Rule is always in play.

Don’t waste time concerning yourself with what the rewards will be from abiding by the Golden Rule. They will be plentiful, but they are not the objective. There is no objective except to only create a better world. Humanity is mostly good. The Golden Rule extends this goodness. It connects us all. The next time you see someone do something good, show them your true appreciation, or simply acknowledge them for their good doing. Don’t expect anything in return. What you will get is the gratification of knowing your potentially improved the life of someone else, however, marginal it may have been. Instead of thinking, ‘I’m going to butter this clerk up with compliments so that hopefully I get a discount .’ Change it to, ‘I’m going to try to improve this person’s day just a little.’ You never know, what may seem little to you, may be more than you can imagine to someone else.

We all crave to feel important in one way or another. Apply the Golden Rule to this fact. Many lives would change if they felt like they were important.

The above statement should be imprinted on every doorway in the world. Make someone feel important today.

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