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When was your last software upgrade?

Every year we upgrade the operating systems on our devices to the latest and greatest. Often this means vast improvements and many more features than the previous version.

But how often do our operating systems of life get upgraded? Our values, our processes, the way we make decisions.

Every day people do things they don’t want to, because of some way of thinking hasn’t changed in a long time.

What holds us back from changing the way we live our lives? Why can’t we change the way we think just as often as our devices do?

Sure, the fundamentals won’t differ dramatically, but everything else is plastic.

Don’t want to go to work today?

Why don’t you just not go to work?

I need to pay the bills.

Otherwise I won’t be able to live the way I’m used to.

If you were to be hit by a bus on the way home from work, would you be proud knowing your last day on Earth was spent doing something you didn’t want to be doing?

What creates this thought pattern and how can you change it?

Like our devices, we can change the way we think.

The greatest thing? It doesn’t take hundreds of people and hundreds of hours developing the fastest way to respond from a click, you can make a decision to start thinking differently in an instant. Eventually, thoughts become actions.

Don’t listen to the voice in your head that says,

You have to do this.

Everyone secretly knows what they want to do. Even if you don’t, you certainly know what you don’t want to do.

Imagine a world where we favoured upgraded our way of thinking rather than focusing on upgrading our iPhones.

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