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I couldn’t find a source for this image.

I recently read this post from Derek Sivers.

The post itself is full of golden advice Derek has given to people all around the world by answering every email that enters his inbox (over 30,000 in 2016).

I wrote down over a dozen takeaways from the post I’m going to explore over the next few months.

But the advice wasn’t what had the biggest impact on me. It was the picture at the bottom of the post. The same picture that is the cover of this post.

It’s hard to describe the impact seeing and reading this photo had on me. It was one of those moments where reading something perfectly aligned to how you were feeling. Just like when all of a sudden the lyrics of a song you’ve heard hundreds of time start to make sense.

I’ve recently been reflecting on where I am in life. Where I want to go.

It’s a hard process.

There’s so much external influence it’s hard to decipher the signal from the noise.

It’s easy to feel lost.

Enter the photo above.

What simple, yet perfect advice.

I’m going to print this and hang it on my wall. Whenever I’m feeling like a rat in a cage, I can look at this and remember that I’m here. I’m on planet Earth. I’m breathing. I’m in the present moment.

Whenever I’m depressed about the past, whenever I’m anxious about the future. Reminding myself that I’m here will bring me into the now.

Now is perfection.

Recently, I’ve been trying just to be. Nothing else. Just to be. I really don’t have a definition for what it means to just be but I’m not looking for one.

I watched a video interview with Bill Murray that inspired this.

The photo above and the words it contains will help me with this process.

If you are feeling lost, maybe this photo will have a similar effect on you. Maybe not. If you know someone else who may be feeling lost, share it with them. It may just change their perspective on things, as it has mine.

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